Looking to expand your beauty collection? According to redheads, these products are must-haves!

Crafting the perfect beauty kit for yourself can be confusing, especially for redheads. Between figuring out the best products to show off your freckles to finding the right lip color for your skin tone, learning about what works best for you is downright stressful. To help with this dilemma, some of our Ginger Beauties shared their favorite products to maintain, enhance, and manage their fiery beauty.

Elise Spicer, a model, based in New York City, shared her favorite essentials to enhance her complexion and hair. Firstly, the most important item on this list: sunscreen! Spicer has fair skin, so her go-to for sun protection is Supergoop’s Glowscreen. This two-in-one product primes the skin for makeup application while creating a subtle glow for healthy, dewy-looking skin. Elise is also a big proponent of lip colors that amplify the undertones in red hair and compliment her skin tone. Her favorite lip product is the Pillow Talk Lip Kit in the shade “Original” from Charlotte Tilbury (another gorgeous redhead). The nude-pink shade is very versatile; to enhance the fullness of your lips, try a light layer of the lipstick, or for a more natural look, try dabbing a little bit of the pigment on your cheeks for a sun-kissed glow.

Another of our gorgeous Ginger Beauties, Molly Peyton, also a model, shared beauty products and tips for maintaining her skin and hair. Peyton shared that her three must-haves are the Ginger Beauty Gingel, a good Vitamin C Serum, and sunscreen; Peyton claimed, “We have little to no melanin. We need all the protection from the sun we can get.” There are plenty of Vitamin C Serums on the market for any budget. Some of the best-rated serums include the C15 Super Booster from Paula’s Choice, the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum, and the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. In addition to her essentials, Peyton shared that “As redheads, we have very fine hair. Yes, normally, we have a lot of hair, but it’s still so fine and can easily be damaged. I try to only wash once a week and only use heat every few weeks. I’ll braid my hair and sleep on it to keep a natural wave.” 

When building your beauty kit, you have to make sure your wants and needs are met. To meet these standards, sometimes we need a little help or some trustworthy product recommendations. Thank you to Elise Spicer and Molly Peyton for sharing their essentials to help any gingers trying to expand their beauty collection!